Town Zoning Ordinance Amendment Passes -- posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014

The Town Zoning Ordinance Amendment was passed today by the Ashland County Zoning Committee. The Ashland County Board will vote on the amendment at its meeting on May 15. The amendment adopts the uses and dimensions that existed in the Town zoning ordinance. The Ashland County Board will also vote to drop the moratorium on land use permits in the shoreland. More information to follow - please contact the Town Zoning Office if you have questions. (715-747-2707 or

Town Plan Commission Meeting 4/23 is Canceled -- posted on Tuesday, April 22 2014

The next Town Plan Commission meeting will be held on May 7.

Videos of Town Meetings -- posted on Wednesday, April 16 2014

Town Board meetings are now being video recorded and can be viewed at
The Annual Town Meeting from April 15, 2014 is also available.

Hiring for Police Chief -- posted on Friday, April 11 2014

The Town of La Pointe is accepting applications for Police Chief. Please visit the Police Department for job description, job posting, and application form.

Spring Election Results as of Tuesday April 1, 2014 -- posted on Monday, March 31 2014

Town of La Pointe Results: Including late arriving absentee ballots
County Board Supervisor:
Michael Stark 150.
Joe Rose 90

Town Board Supervisor:
Michael Childers 170
Paul Brummer 108
James Patterson 136

School Board: Craig Hoopman 130

Hiring for Parks Assistant/ Laborer -- posted on Friday, March 28 2014

The Town of La Pointe is hiring for the position of Parks Assistant Laborer. You can find the job posting and job description on the Announcements page. Deadline for applications is April 25, 2014.

Seasonal Weight Limits on Roads -- posted on Tuesday, March 25 2014

Enforcement of seasonal weight limitations on all Ashland County Trunk Highways will begin at
12:00 PM, Friday, March 28th, 2014.
Enforcement will begin at that time and the ban will stay in effect until further notice. Haulers should be prepared to obey load postings as soon as they are posted.
Seasonal weight limitations are being placed on Ashland County Trunk Highways pursuant to and under the authority of Wisconsin State Statutes 348.17 and 349.16. Maximum load shall be four (4) tons per axle.
School buses are exempt from County seasonal weight limitations.
There are no other “exceptions” to seasonal weight limits. Special Hauling Permits for essential or emergency hauling are available on a case by case basis from the Ashland County Highway Department.
Please see posting on Town Foreman- Shop webpage.

Hiring for Campground Host -- posted on Friday, March 14 2014

Please view the job posting and the job description on the announcements page. We look forward to another great camping season!

COMPREHENSIVE PLAN SURVEY -- posted on Saturday, February 22 2014

Survey Results are IN!
The results of the Town’s 2013 Comprehensive Plan survey are in!! Please go to the Planning and Zoning page where you will find the Town of La Pointe Community Survey Report – 2013 Draft 1, which is a draft summary of the survey results, and COMPREHENSIVE PLAN SURVEY COMMENTS, which is a 72 page list of all the questions and written responses. Copies of the survey and comments are also available at the Town Hall by request. The next steps are for the Town Plan Commission to digest this information and then determine what changes, if any, should be made to the Town Comprehensive Plan.
Please contact Lisa Potswald, Planning and Zoning Administrator, should you have questions. Thanks very much for your patience waiting for these results.

Invasive Species Management Plan -- posted on Thursday, October 24 2013

At its Regular Town Board Meeting, the Town Board of the Town of La Pointe approved and adopted the Invasive Species Management Plan. You can find the plan report as well as a map of all the invasive plants on the announcement page.

Community Awards Committee -- posted on Wednesday, October 23 2013

There is a vacant position that need to be filled! Member to be appointed as soon as possible.
Sign up sheets are available at Town Hall or the Post Office. You may also send a letter, email us at, or call 715.747.6913.
More information on the Committee's webpage:

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One of twenty-two islands in "The Apostles," Madeline Island's population ranges from 220 in the winter to 2500 in the summer. The Island's main industry is tourism, and the jump in summer population is due to the large number of residents who spend all or part of every summer on the Island.

More than one third of the Island consists of parks and wilderness preserves and will, therefore, never be developed. The Island is a nature-lovers' paradise.

Madeline Island welcomes tourists! The Island has an airport with a 3,000-foot paved landing strip. Guest services available on the Island include accommodations, restaurants and bars, a golf course, bicycle, moped, kayak and canoe rental, and full marina services including charter boats. For more information regarding all these and more, please click on the chamber of commerce website,

The Island has a police department, a volunteer ambulance service staffed by EMT's and a volunteer fire department.

Sustainability is a way of life for Islanders, who have recycled for over thirty years. Island school children, in addition to their regular curriculum, are taught about local plant and animal life. The Island has a once-a-week farmers' market, a local chapter of Slow Food Nation and a committee actively seeking alternative energy choices for the Island.

Life in such beautiful surroundings engenders a spirit of stewardship of the earth, air and water!

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