About the Town of La PointeWelcome to our town's official website

The Town of La Pointe is located on Madeline Island, the only inhabited island of the Apostle Islands. These islands are located at the western end of Lake Superior, and Madeline Island is a 20-minute ferry boat ride from Bayfield, Wisconsin. For information regarding the ferry system, please click on www.madferry.com.

One of twenty-two islands in "The Apostles," Madeline Island's population ranges from 430 in the winter to 2500 in the summer. The Island's main industry is tourism, and the jump in summer population is due to the large number of residents who spend all or part of every summer on the Island.

More than one third of the Island consists of parks and wilderness preserves and will, therefore, never be developed. The Island is a nature-lovers' paradise.

Madeline Island welcomes tourists! The Island has an airport with a 3,000-foot paved landing strip. Guest services available on the Island include accommodations, restaurants and bars, a golf course, bicycle, moped, canoe rental, kayak tours, and full marina services including charter boats. For more information regarding all these and more, please click on the Chamber of Commerce website, www.madelineisland.com.

The Island has a police department, a volunteer ambulance service staffed by EMT's and a volunteer fire department.

Sustainability is a way of life for Islanders, who have recycled for over thirty years. Island school children, in addition to their regular curriculum, are taught about local plant and animal life. The Island has a once-a-week farmers' market and a committee actively seeking alternative energy choices for the Island.

There is lots of wildlife on the Island, please watch out while driving. Remember: if you see one deer, there may be another right behind it.

Dogs are welcome! Please keep your dog on a leash and pick up after it.

Life in such beautiful surroundings engenders a spirit of stewardship of the earth, air and water!