Materials Recovery Facility

Madeline Island Recycling Facility - The Dump - Located at 412 Big Bay Road


Summer Hours Beginning June 8, 2020:

Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 8:30 – 2:30

Open on Labor Day

NOTE: St. John's Church now operates the Island Closet (the old Exchange). Open Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 9-2. 



The Town of LaPointe, Madeline Island is now operating a material recovery facility (MRF - pronounced murf). What this means is that we not only accept recyclables, but also process and ship them to their final destination. If you have any questions please call 715-747-5715.

Materials Recovery Facility Supervisor

Marty Curry

Recycling Specialist 

Joe Abhold

MRF Fee Schedule 2021

Monthly Reports

MRF Supervisor's Report - October 2021
MRF Supervisor's Report - August 2021
MRF Supervisor's Report - July 2021
MRF Report - June 2021
MRF Report - May 2021
MRF Report - April 2021