Energy Committee

History and Mission

The Alternative Energy Committee was established by the Town of LaPointe as an Ad Hoc Committee of the Community and Public Works Planning Committee (CAPP). The committee was established by the Town Board after two years of inquiry and presentations by individuals with experience and interest in alternative and renewable energy. The committee is the manifestation of strong and serious interest in renewable energy technologies by Madeline Island residents and property owners.

The Alternative Energy Committee is now known as the Energy Committee.


To make recommendations to the Town Board for actions that will decrease energy use, increase efficiency of energy use on the island, suggest ways energy could be produced in a sustainable way. Address all energy consumption by private property owners and municipal operations; help coordinate energy planning with Town, School, Sanitary District and utility; encourage public involvement; make information available to the community.

At least 5 members appointed by the Town Board. 3 year terms.

Current Energy Committee Members

Larry Bean

Term End Date: 08/23/2025

Robin Trinko-Russell

Term End Date: 08/23/2023

Zach Montagne

Term End Date: 08/23/2025

Craig Buttke

Term End Date: 08/23/2025